A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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An English Sense of Justice, T. Phillips Thompson

Director: Lindalee Tracey

Lindalee Tracey's An English Sense of Justice celebrates the grit and tenacity of T. Phillips Thompson, an English newspaperman who championed the cause of the working class and social reform.

The film explores bruising social disparities of the 1870s, taking us into the brutal world of working men and women who were not yet allowed to vote, and of children slaving in factories. Filmmaker Lindalee Tracey creates a haunting weave of archival materials, re-enactments and the written words of Thompson, alongside the recollections of his granddaughter Lucy Woodward and grandson, Pierre Berton.

An English Sense of Justice is a compelling story of an immigrant's compassion and his courage to imagine a more just nation.

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