A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Question 4
The stereotype of women in the Yukon characterizes them as dance hall girls, there only to entertain the men.

True. The dance hall girls are immortalized in the public imagination as the only female presence in the Yukon. A number of women did make their names and their fortunes in that line of work. But many women went to the Yukon for other reasons as well. Some went in support of their husbands and were in charge of the more domestic camp duties while their partners mined the fields. Others knew there would be single men with no one to take care of them and these women set up road houses, restaurants and laundries to meet the domestic demands. Nuns and nurses went to tend to the spiritual and health needs of the ever-growing population. And still other women went for professional motives, such as journalism, or simply the prospect of making themselves independently wealthy by staking a claim and striking it rich.