A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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THE IMPOSSIBLE HOME: Robert Kroetsch and his German Roots
What are the cultural contributions and perspectives immigrants bring to the Canadian artist?

Author and poet Robert Kroetsch is the great-great grandson of Martin and Kunigunda Kroetsch, who immigrated to Canada in the mid-eighteenth century. As an artist, the pull of his ancestors is a continuous narrative line that Robert Kreotch expresses in his work.

"Kunigunda and Martin followed the sun in 1841
We who assemble fragments long for a whole
Image of the vanished past
We seekers after truth, what do we find?
A fingerprint on the corner of a page,
A worn step at the turn on the stairway,
A square of faded paint on the faded wall.
Someone was here, we know, but who, when?"

The whole migration story in Canada, says Kroetsch, is about forever looking for home -"a desperate attempt to achieve this impossible home."

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