A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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THE IMPOSSIBLE HOME: Robert Kroetsch and his German Roots
Biography: Carl Bessai


Carl Bessai is the president of Raven Media Ltd., a dynamic Canadian television, film and multi-media production company founded in 1995. He has worked in documentary, dramatic and short subject films and his most recent projects include Lost Sense, a film for Bravo! on the sculpture exhibition of Catherine Widgery presented at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Carl Bessai currently has two independent features in development and has recently completed a pilot for SLAM CAM t.v. This half-hour show takes comic actors and throws them into hilarious situations with the unsuspecting public, filming each scene with spy cameras. Bessai's other recent productions include Virtual, a drama about one man's detour off of the information highway, (CBC Television, St. Paulo International Film Festival), and A Height of Years, a multi-format spoken word video based on a poem by Anne Michaels, (Bravo!), and Parade (feature film - Brad Fraser/Daniel MacIvor).

Carl Bessai has a MFA from York University, Film Production, and is versatile as a producer/director/writer and cinematographer.

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