A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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SONS AND DAUGHTERS: The Italians of Schreiber
For Teachers
Lesson Plan - Student Worksheet - Bibliography/Resources
EPISODE: 7 "Sons And Daughters: The Italians of Schreiber"
Directed by Patricia Fogliato and David Mortin


Patricia Fogliato and David Mortin follow the migration of several neighbours from Calabria, Italy, to the town of Schreiber, Ontario, where immigrants found work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. The film traces these families to their great-grandchildren today.


  • The unity within the Italian community
  • The contributions to Canadian society by Italian Canadians
  • Assimilation and cultural uniqueness


  • Opera
  • Tradition
  • CPR
  • Family


  • To comprehend the contributing factors of Italian immigration to Canada
  • To understanding basic Italian customs and beliefs
  • Appreciation of the contributions of Italian Canadians to the development of Canada


  1. Contact your local Italian club. Interview one of the members on their recollections of Italy and their views on the role of the family.

  2. Research the Last Spike and the impact the Railway had on the development of Canada. In particular focus on the working conditions for the residents of Northern Ontario.

  3. Research your own families traditional views on the roles that men and women should play in the family.

  4. The church and the family should be the two most important things in a person's life. As a class, debate this statement.

  5. Listen to any Italian opera recording. Research any opera and produce an advertisement poster for that particular opera.

  6. Research traditional Italian foods and how Italian weather, land use and economics contributed to their popularity. Prepare the foods at a feast day in class.

  7. Many Italian children receive a quality education and choose to return to Schreiber. Find an individual in your local community who has left, and has since chosen to return. Interview them, focussing on why they have returned to their hometown.

  8. Schreiber's main source of employment has historically been the railway. Locate Schreiber on a map and develop five alternative employment suggestions for the community.

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