A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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SONS AND DAUGHTERS: The Italians of Schreiber
Immigration History
Related Internet Links:

Italian Immigrants in Canada
This page on the Canadiana Culture and Immigration site provides a profile of Italian Immigrants to Canada. The information provided is based on the 1991 Census and includes statistics Italian Canadian demographics, employment, language, religion education, income, fertility and family status.

Italian Cultural Institute
Here you'll find info on upcoming Italian cultural events on everything from dance, opera, theatre and photography to science, and medicine. There's also quite a list of links to Italian Web sites most of which are in written in Italian.

Eyetalian Magazine
Eyetalian magazine sees itself as a medium that "explores Italian immigrant culture as it confronts and co-exists with other mutating cultures in North America." At the magazine's Web site you'll find an index of the current issue with a sampling of a few articles.

Canadian Pacific Railway
Since the CPR's beginnings, the company has become a lot more than just a railroad. The CPR Homepage provides information on the company's commercial ventures into areas like Forest Products, Auto & Machinery. There are also pages on CPR Collectibles, Corporate News and Employment Information and Opportunities.

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