A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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ACADIAN SPIRIT: The Legacy of Philippe d'Entremont
Immigration History
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The Acadians
Here you'll find a concise history on the Acadians, with internal links to fact-sheets on related topics such as Louisbourg, the Expulsion and Acadian society.

Acadian Cultural Society
The Acadian Cultural Society is devoted to the study, preservation and promotion of Acadian heritage and genealogy among individuals of Acadian descent. It also serves as a resource for the exchange of Acadian information. There are many links here, for example, to other Web sites focusing on Acadian genealogy.

Genealogy: Acadian and French Canadian Style
This page is devoted to Acadian and French-Canadian Genealogy, especially to using computers for French-surname genealogy. There's basic info on the difference between being Acadian and French-Canadian and resources to get you on your way to finding your ancestors. And there's a page devoted history on Acadia's tumultuous life as a colony.

Le Musée Acadien de l'Université de Moncton
Make a virtual visit to the Acadian Museum at the University of Moncton. The various exhibits on display include pre-deportation and post-deportation histories as well as general cultural material. There's also a temporary exhibit about Longfellow's epic poem, Evangeline, a fictional account of the Acadian Expulsion. This site in only available en francais.

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