A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: The Mennonites & Benjamin Eby
Question 3
The Mennonite community gathers in congregations to give help to those in need. The Mennonite Central Committee, through partial funding from the Canadian government, works worldwide in development, and and relief projects to ease the suffering and deprivation of people in Third World countries.

True. The Mennonite Central Committee was formed in 1920 by Mennonites across North America to help family and relatives still in Russia. MCC volunteers persuaded the then Soviet government to allow Mennonites to leave the country and encouraged countries such as Canada to accept them as immigrants. During WWII the MCC began helping non-Mennonite refugees and in recent years has been involved in aid work in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Nicaragua and the former Soviet Union. The MCC currently has close to 900 volunteers working in over 60 countries around the world.


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