A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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THE ROAD CHOSEN: The Story of Lem Wong
Immigration History
Related Books:

Chinese Canadians, Voices from a Community
by Evelyn Huang with Lawrence Jeffery (Douglas & McIntyre, Toronto, 1992).

The Chinese in Canada
by Peter S. Li (Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1988).

From China to Canada: A History of the Chinese Communities in Canada
edited by Edgar Wickberg and William E. Willmott (McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1982).

Gold Mountain, by Anthony B. Chan(New Star Books, Vancouver, 1983).

In a Strange Land, A Pictorial Record of the Chinese in Canada 1788-1923
by Richard Thomas Wright (Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon, 1988).

Jin Guo, Voices of Chinese Canadian Women
edited by The Women's Book Committee (Women's Press, Toronto, 1996).

Many Mouthed Birds, Contemporary Writing by Chinese Canadians
edited by Bennett Lee and Jim Wong-Chu (Douglas & McIntyre, Toronto, 1991).

Red China Blues
by Jan Wong (Doubleday/Anchor, Toronto, 1996).

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