A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Question 1
It was during the years of the Great Famine in Ireland in 1847 that "the Irish came to Canada."
True or False

Question 2
The famous Irish Canadian, Timothy Eaton, emigrated to Canada in 1854.
True or False

Question 3
Ireland has long been divided along religious lines. The Protestant Irish and Catholic Irish are said to be almost two distinct ethnic groups. Irish Catholics consider themselves to be the "original Irish". The Protestant Irish are seen to represent the British colonists. But when the Irish immigrants of the nineteenth century came to Canada, they left their religious and cultural differences behind.
True or False

Question 4
Today in Canada, a minority of immigrants belong to either the Catholic Church or one of the Protestant denominations.
True or False

Question 5
According to the 1991 Census, Canadian immigrants are more likely than people born in Canada to be affiliated with religious groups other than Catholics or Protestants.
True or False

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