A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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THE FORCE OF HOPE: The Legacy of Father McGauran
Irish Immigration History
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Canadian Association for Irish Studies
The Canadian Association for Irish Studies has been serving students of Irish culture for a quarter of a century. CAIS members include teachers, genealogists, researchers, students, and many others committed to Irish culture in Canada, and can be found in every province and territory of Canada. And CAIS supporters come from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Britain, the U.S.A., Europe, the Orient, and Australia.

Irish Nova Scotian Genealogy Conference
Looking for information on Irish descendants in the Nova Scotia area? This may be your site.

The Irish Genealogical Project
As this home page describes, the aim of the Irish Genealogical Project is "to provide a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to trace their ancestors in Ireland. Emigration has long been a sad fact of life in Ireland. Irish emigrants have travelled far and genealogical research offers the children of these emigrants an opportunity to discover a part of their own history."

Irish Family History Foundation
Irish Family History Foundation has genealogy and family history from across Ireland: the site covers the 32 counties of Ireland, North, South, East and West. And the millions of genealogical records computerized at the Irish Family History Foundation's network of research centres makes it possible to get started on some extensive research.

This site it dedicated to the Irish abroad and is aimed at keeping in touch with Irish communities around the world. There's also a great listing of Irish publications in Canada and the US -- a source of less well known writings on and from Ireland.

Québec Family History Society
This site has more links to genealogical and Irish Internet resources.

The National Archives of Ireland
An excellent place to trace your family history. There's a wide selection of documents available for searching including some documents from the Great Famine. Admittedly, most of these records are only available on microfiche in the archives. But this is a useful place for finding out what's available. Ordering and cost info is also provided.

North Ireland Family History Society
For those interested in family history from the north of Ireland, this Web site will provide many useful facts and resources.

United Irish Societies of Montreal
Looking for something to do on St. Patrick's Day? The United Irish Societies of Montreal organize the parade in Montreal. And their site also has information on parades across North America and links to Celtic sites on the Internet.

Grosse Isle and the Irish Memorial
Here you can do virtual tour as you would experience it during a visit to Grosse Isle. You can also find out when this National Site is open and how to arrange for transportation to get there.

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