A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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THE FORCE OF HOPE: The Legacy of Father McGauran
Biography: Lindalee Tracey

Co-Producer/Story Editor

Lindalee Tracey is an award-winning author, filmmaker and investigative journalist. She has worked in radio, television, print and drama, including script-writing for the NFB, and as a documentary-maker for CBC Radio and CBC TV's Witness series. Her magazine features have won numerous national awards. Her book On The Edgewas chosen as one of the ten best nonfiction books of 1993 by the Globe & Mail. Tracey's second book , Growing Up Naked, was published in the Fall of 1997 by Douglas & McIntyre.

Some of Lindalee Tracey's television and film credits:
Director/Writer/Co-Producer, Passing the Flame, an historic tribute to Women's College Hospital
Invisible Nation, a riveting insight into the work of Canadian immigration police and the illegals they chase. (TVO 1997).
Celebrity Inn (Channel 4, 1996).
Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya, the haunting story of Tracey's search for her derelict father (TVO 1995).
Co-Writer: Hearts of Hate: The Battle for Young Minds, a documentary investigation of the influence of racist groups over young Canadians (CTV 1995).
Co-Director/Writer: Voices From The Shadows, a feature documentary on social welfare (NFB/CBCWitness 1992).
Intern Writer: CTV's series E.N.G. (1991).
Scriptwriter: On The Line, A short drama produced by the Canadian Centre for Advanced Film Studies (1988).
Scriptwriter: Wednesday's Child. An original drama produced by the NFB (1986).
Chris Award, Columbus Film Festival, Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya. 1995
Genie Nomination Best Short Documentary, Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya, 1996.
Author's Award. Gold. The Uncounted Canadians. 1992
National Magazine Award. Silver. 1992
The CAJ Awards. Best Investigative Report, The Uncounted Canadians. 1992
The CAJ Awards. First Prize. Magazines, The Uncounted Canadians. 1991
Author's Award. Silver, Abortion. 1991
Maclean Hunter Scholarship. 1994
The New York Film Festival. Finalist Award,
Voices From The Shadows. 1992


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