A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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For Teachers
Lesson Plan - Student Worksheet - Bibliography/Resources
EPISODE 13: A Land As Green As The Sea

  1. What were the Highland Clearances that brought the filmmaker's ancestors to Canada?
  2. Why were some of the early Scottish settlers conscripted into the British army on their arrival in the new world? What did they receive from the British at the end of the Seven Years War?
  3. Who were the United Empire Loyalists?
  4. Why did Gertrude Hogg and her husband head west? What did they start in Edmonton?
  5. What did the filmmaker's grandmother take with her to Edmonton?
  6. Why did the filmmaker's grandfather go broke? What job did he take on?
  7. Why was Arthur Balmer-Watt awarded the Pulitzer Prize?
  8. When visiting Scotland, why did the filmmaker say that history was everywhere?
  9. Describe Celtic music. What is the connection between Celtic music and Country music?
  10. Explain what the filmmaker means when he says, "I realize the story had come full circle."

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