A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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For Teachers
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EPISODE 13: A Land As Green As The Sea
Directed by Tom Radford


Director Tom Radford traces his Scottish roots in Canada, the United States and back to Scotland through Celtic music and the travels of his immigrant grandparents. As Tom Radford discovers his ancestral background he also discovers the meaning of music and memory to the Scots.


  • The reasons behind Scottish immigration
  • The role Scottish immigration played in the development of Canada
  • The importance of music in the lives of the Scots


  • United Empire Loyalist
  • Highland Clearances
  • Family Compact
  • Black Watch
  • Gaelic


  • To appreciate the significant role the Scottish immigrants have made to the development of Canada
  • To understand the importance of Scottish culture, through music and clans
  • To recognize the impact of exile and the reasons behind Scottish immigration


  1. Many Scots came to North America because of the Highland Clearances; an event that has bitter memories for many Scots. Research this event in Scottish history. Compare it to other events you have studied that are similar.

  2. One of the most famous Scottish writers is Robbie Burns, who has come to symbolize so much of what is Scotland. Research Robbie Burns and his writings, including his Ode To A Haggis and Auld Lang Syne.

  3. Many people of Scottish ancestry have played a very important role in the development of Canada. Research one of these individuals and present a three minute biographical presentation. Be sure to include their contribution to Canada in your presentation. Some might include: Alexander Mackenzie, Sir John A. MacDonald, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Harold Innis, Norman Bethune, Farley Mowat.

  4. One of the most famous military regiments in Canadian history is the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment). Write a report on their contribution to Canada's war effort and internal security.

  5. Trace the route of your own family's immigration. In an essay of 500 words, explore what your immigrant ancestors might have missed about their country of their origin.

  6. Bring a piper to class. Have them play traditional Scottish bagpipe music and give the class a lesson on the history of the bagpipe.

  7. Pretend you have been exiled from your homeland in one of the Scottish Clearances. In diary form, write about the experience of leaving: what you had to leave behind, where you will go next, how to get there, what it is like settling.

  8. Research the Scottish Clan system. In your research, be sure to determine the reasons for their development, how the clans are organized, the geographical location of the clans, and problems / conflicts that developed.

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