A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Immigration History
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Scottish Culture FAQ
This database of Frequently Asked Questions comes from the Scottish culture newsgroup and boasts over 220 pages. There's a huge section on Scottish music, with pages on fiddle styles, learning to play the harp, where to find bagpipes or a bagpiper. Other subjects include history, language, folk traditions, literature, festivals, food and drink, areas of Scotland, sports and recreation, media, current affairs, politics. Everything you could imagine.

Scottish Heritage
Thinking about wearing the kilt? In addition to providing resources on Scottish genealogy, clans and families, this site has information on the proper wearing of the kilt. There an entire section on "Things Tartan," with suggestions on which tartan might be appropriate with your surname, or by geographical district of your ancestors. There's also an extensive list of links to all things Scottish, with topics ranging from Glenmorangie to Haggis to the Loch Ness Monster.

Vancouver Scottish Home Page
Here you'll find a photo of a team of strapping Scottish lads from the over-40 Scotland team that played in the Nations Cup Tournament. This is actually the personal Home Page of John Wilson but it provides an exhaustive resource of links on Scottish history and heritage, tartans and clans, comedian Billy Connolly, tourism, newspapers, and the list goes on and on.

Scottish and Medieval History
This Page will feature: Scottish History, Medieval History, Celtic History, Scottish Battles and Wars of England and Scotland. All original articles and updated bi-monthly. There's also a time line of Scottish history, complete with historic links.

Celtic Heritage Magazine
At the online version of the hard copy magazine you can preview the current issue and read a sample feature story on "ANCIENT CELTS IN NORTH AMERICA, Did the Celts beat Columbus by 3000 Years?" You can also take a Gaelic lesson, browse the archives and get the latest in clan news.

Scottish GENUKI Genealogy
As part of the UK and Ireland Genealogy Service(GENUKI), this page on Scottish genealogy provides listings by counties. Then you can narrow down your search with the listings of nearby parish and public records departments, libraries and archives. There are also numerous pages with information on Scotland in general, with topics as broad as Emigration and Immigration, Newspapers and Nobility, and as specific as Handwriting, Social Life and Taxation.

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