A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Biography: Tom Radford

In A Land as Green as the Sea, filmmaker Tom Radford revisits childhood stories and memories from the time when he lived in a renovated garage behind his grandparents' house in Edmonton.

Tom Radford is one of Canada's most distinguished documentarians, with over twenty-five years of experience in the Canadian film industry as an Executive Producer, Producer, Director and Writer. Born to a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper family that came to Alberta in 1905, Radford has carried on a tradition of portraying the drama and character of the Canadian West.

Highlights of over fifty productions:


The Long River (1998), a biography of the geologist and explorer, J.B. Tyrell.

A Western Legacy: The Life and Times of Peter Lougheed (1998).

Cowboy Celtic has been in production since 1996 and explores the history and romance of the cowboy.

The Buffalo Ground (1995), a portrait of the prairies through the eyes of the Great Western Orchestra and two classical musicians who extend the borders of country music.

So This Is Canada (1995), a multi-media series with Oz New Media presenting Canadian history through an innovative use of video and film.

Hockey Night In Harlem (1993), tells the story of five black teenagers who come fro Harlem to Alberta to pursue their dream of playing hockey.

The Road Home (1992), a drama-documentary on the work of Alberta's best known writers.

On the Edge (1992), a sports special on skater Kurt Browning's quest for a world championship.

In Search of the Dragon (1990), a documentary special on The Dinosaur Project, a scientific adventure into China's Gobi Desert.

Life After Hockey (1989), is a modern-day fairytale of how a local rink rat helped Team Canada defeat the Soviets.

Ernest Brown: Pioneer Photographer (1974), is a docu-drama on the opening of the West through the eyes of an intrepid photographer and social activist.


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