A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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LOUIS HÉBERT: A Legacy of Tenacity
Immigration History
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Virtual Museum of New France
In the Virtual Museum of New France you can travel in time through over two centuries of a French presence in North America, and learn about people from Canada's past. You'll find examples of maps used by the explorers, and suggested tourist routes for retracing their discoveries.

Quebec Family History Society
The Quebec Family History Society promotes genealogy in Québec and helps foster original genealogical research with resources such as land grants and city Directories, and Québec birth, marriage and death indexes. The site provides basic information about the Society's services and where and how to get in touch.

Biography of Louis Hébert
Hébert is best known as the first settler to come to Canada. In 1617, Hébert "sold his house and garden in Paris and took his wife Marie and three children" to the new world, to Quebec. Check out this site for a comprehensive biography of Hebert, with links to other historical figures he met along the way.

Dates in the History of Quebec
Here you'll find an rather far-ranging chronology of Quebec historical events dating from the arrival of the Vikings in the year 925, right up to the the visit of the Rolling Stones in 1998.

Chronologie de l'histoire du Quebec
Another historical chronology, but with a bit more information and a historical calender so you can pinpoint what day of the week corresponds to the date in history. There's also an explanation of the Julian and Gregorian calendars based on the seasons and the solstices.

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