A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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LOUIS HÉBERT: A Legacy of Tenacity
Louis Hébert came to New France in 1617 with his wife and three children. He was ceded 10 arpents of land near the site of the present cathedral of Québec and became known as the first farmer to cultivate land in the colony.

Throughout the history of New France, agriculture traditionally took second priority to establishing trade. Nevertheless, immigrants over the years have continued to take up farming the land as their way of life.

In 1929, Jean Roussel's father wanted to immigrate from France to farm in Canada. But he couldn't leave because his mother was too old. Jean took up his father's dream and came to Canada when he was twenty years old. The farm he bought in 1971 measured 90 acres and the soil hadn't been tilled for fifteen years. He had to clear the land and level the land, gradually building up his farm, much like Louis Hébert would have done centuries ago. Now his roots are in Québec and his farm is thriving, ready for his children to take it over.

What role has agriculture played as a running motif in Canadian immigration?

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