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LOUIS HÉBERT: A Legacy of Tenacity
Biographie: Richard Boutet


Richard Boutet's The First Seeding traces the legacy of Louis Hébert as the first farmer to sow wheat in Québec and the legacy of agriculture in the growing of a nation.

Richard Boutet is an award-winning Québec filmmaker whose career in cinematography goes back over twenty-five years.

Other films by Richard Boutet include Le Chemin Brut, de Lisette et Romain(1995), a film exploring the relationship between art, madness and therapy.

Le Spasme de Vivre(1991), is a documentary film on suicide and adolescence in Québec.

La Guerre OubliÇe, The War to End all Wars(1988), chronicles Québec resistance to the First World War.

La Turlette Des AnnÇes Dures(1984), is a musical journal of the Great Depression of the 1930s and the repercussions in Québec and Canada.