A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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For Teachers
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EPISODE10: Passage From India
Directed by Ali Kazimi


Ali Kazimi highlights Bagga Singh, who journeyed from a remote farming village in the Punjab to work in the sawmills on the coast of British Columbia. Singh's legacy bridges the three generations through the reflections of Singh's granddaughter, now a successful TV journalist in Vancouver.


  • To understand the racism felt by Indian Canadians from Canadian society
  • To appreciate the contributions of Indian Canadians to Canadian society
  • To develop an awareness of Indian values.


  • Punjab
  • Shore Committee
  • Bill of Direct Passage
  • Mackenzie King
  • Bachelor Society


  • Appreciate the contributions of Indian Canadians to Canadian society
  • Understand the contributing factors of Indian immigration to Canada
  • To gain awareness of the racism felt by Indian immigrants to Canada


  1. "There are blood relatives and heart relatives". Make a list of all of the people in your life that would fit into those two categories. Write a ten line poem about one person from each category. OR Write a thank-you letter to one person from your heart relative category, telling them how much they mean to you.

  2. Study the Indian Independence movement. Create a 20 event timeline showing how India gained its independence.

  3. Collect articles in a scrapbook from current newspapers which deal with India. Write a two-page report on the current problems that are faced by India.

  4. Using a map of the world, chart the travel course that would be necessary for Bagga Singh to travel to Canada.

  5. "A visible minority is easier to hate". As a class, debate the validity of this statement.

  6. Prepare five different traditional Indian menus. Invite a local restaurant operator to assist and to explain the significance of each food.

  7. Contact a local resident with ties to India. Tape record your interview with them. Ask them how they adjusted to Canadian society and what cultural traditions they have maintained in Canada. Present your interview to the class.

  8. Prepare a 20-point summary on the keys of both the Hindu and Sikh religions. Travel to a local temple to discuss beliefs and values.

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