A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Immigration History
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Abuse of Human Rights of Sikhs in India
Here you'll find background information on the situation of the Sikhs in India, an exploration of reasons for their suppression and documentation of individual cases. There's also a resource articles and books for further reference.

A Gateway to Sikhism
This site provides a good starting point for getting in touch with the roots of Sikh culture. There's a large resource of things like postal addresses of gurdwaras and Sikh organizations worldwide, Sikhism and Punjabi publications and radio stations. There's also a bit of practical info, about Kakars and religious materials needed to conduct Sikh ceremonies.

Another great resource on Sikh community, culture and history.And there's a search engine to help you find what you'relooking for.

The Sikh Directory
This directory was designed to keep information about Sikh people, with the intention of providing a worldwide network for Sikhs to find other Sikhs.

In the Footsteps of the Gurus
This site pays hommage to historical Gurdwaras of the Punjab with photographs and detailed descriptions.

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