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“A profile in courage colored with the anxiety of a human rights activist faced with painful moral choices…You can read about men and women who stand up to injustice and feel a shuddering admiration. But to absorb a documentary film about such a person is a more intense and potentially life-changing experience.”
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times (more)

"A...powerful, at times unforgettable, documentary...The blend of archival news footage with his (Ariel Dorfman) personal, vivid memories is exemplary and beautifully done. It's utterly compelling and definitely worth seeing... it's a must-see because you soon learn that it's about more than Chile. It's about how the world works."

- John Doyle, The Globe and Mail (more)

 “An intimately revealing portrait
- Geoff Pevere, The Toronto Star

“Please go see  A Promise to the Dead... It will draw you in and the world disappears  for the next 90 minutes.”
- Julia La Tia, Portland Indy Media Centre

- Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail (more)

"Eloquent,  rapt,  poetic … There a richness to the images that torpedoes the notion that style and substance need to be exclusive concepts"
- Adam Nayman, POV Magazine (more)

“On the Toronto International Film Festival's red carpet, documentaries about war, politics and repression are breaking through with festival audiences”
- E
tan Vlessing, Hollywood Reporter (more)

 “An emotional journey through the volatile landscape of a country torn apart by political ideologies, as seen through the eyes of a man whose own experience was at the heart of Chile's bloody political power struggle in the 1970s”
- Andy J
ohnson, (more)

“Bright, crisp …. An incredible account …. Raymont does a wonderful job ….  you come out informed and moved... ”
 - Monika Bartyzel, Cinematical, (more)

- Wendy Lidell, International Film Circuit

Peter Raymont is one of the world’s greatest documentarians”
- Marc Glassman, Montage

A wonderful, powerful film”
- Mitchell W. Block, Direct Cinema



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The Hearld Sun
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