“Rwanda: In Search of Hope has to be one of the more wrenching documentaries ever on the 1994 genocide…an unforgettable film.”

Toronto Star

“The human aftermath of atrocities – has been captured in a powerful documentary. This film should be viewed by anyone who hopes for a better future than the last century’s legacy of inhumanity, genocides and ethnic cleansing.”

Toronto Star

“The film features images that are graphic…but as disheartening as they may be, they serve a purpose.”

National Post

A film by Peter Raymont | Canada | English | 53′


Five years after the horrific genocide, in which over a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were brutally murdered, a group of Canadian teachers and community workers travel to Rwanda to try and understand what happened and what can be done to help the half-million orphans left behind.

Sixty thousand families in Rwanda are now headed by children. Together, The Canadians and Rwandans have created Hope For Rwanda’s Children Fund in Canada and theTumurere Foundatiuon in Rwanda to support these children.

The group includes Rwandan-Canadian teacher, Leo Kabalisa who lost his father, 4 brothers, 12 cousins and 8 nieces in the genocide. Also in the group is Dr. Carole Ann Reed, Director of Education at Toronto’s Holocaust Education and Memorial Centre.

The Canadians find a country still in shock, still reeling from the genocide and its aftermath.  Struggling under the weight of the violent consequences, ordinary people search for ways to rebuild their shattered nation. Rwanda: In Search of Hope chronicles the experiences in July 1999 of these civil society groups, as they travel throughout Rwanda visiting massacre sites and memorials, orphanages and trauma counseling centres.

Produced by White Pine Pictures, with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the
CAW Social Justice Fund