A film by Lindalee Tracey | Canada | English | 59′


Imagine the guts it took to open the first medical college for women; to pry open borders to women’s health. Passing the Flame is a moving tribute to the women and men of Women’s College Hospital.

In 1863, Emily Stowe, Canada’s first woman doctor, was refused a medical education, and had to study in the United States. Dr. Stowe then returned to returned to Toronto and subsequently waited 13 years for a reluctant male establishment to grant her a license to practice.

Her quiet dignity and unwavering dedication to women’s health led to the founding of Canada’s first joint medical college and hospital for women, which continues to pass on a sacred trust to new generations of leaders.

These women and men of Women’s College Hospital are pioneers who tended the poor, the immigrant and the returning World War soldier. They taught the community about birth control, having babies, mammographies, pap smears and how to strengthen its bones against osteoporosis. Passing the Flame honours the skill and innovation of these women who gave Canada so many medical firsts.

Produced by White Pine Pictures in association with Women’s College Hospital Foundation