“City Sonic is an impressive series of short films, each one devoted to a Toronto musician telling stories of how she or he developed an affinity for one of those pockets.”

Globe and Mail

“Seen many shows there. Canada’s finest venue without a doubt. Amazing acoustics.”

FowlMusic (Youtube)

“Wow what a gorgeous video. So well made, such a great and special performance documented.”

DLRisVH (Youtube)

“Adrift Clubhouse was an incredible venue, no doubt my favourite place to see shows.”

Power in a Union (Youtube)


As the nexus of Canadian music, the city has been enriched by wave after wave of homegrown and international musicians.  Its stages, streets and alleys resonate with the notorious jams, numbing heartaches, and lucky breaks that are the city’s musical DNA.

City Sonic is a new, multi-platform music series that delivers these stories straight into the hands of today’s music fans, wherever they are: online, on TV, and on their mobile phones.

Each film tells the story of one musician and their shared history with a legendary Toronto music venue.  City Sonic creates a new level of engagement with the city through location-based storytelling and a gaming component built around the new generation of mobile phones.

White Pine Pictures/Kensington Communications Production.

Made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, the Ontario Media Development Corporation, with the participation of the Bell New Media Fund, with the financial participation of The Canadian Film Centre, Administrator of the Telus Innovation Fund, in association with AUX TV, Humber College, in collaboration withToronto History Project, CIMA