52×22′ Documentary Series | Canada | English/French


A Scattering of Seeds – The Creation of Canada is a series of 52 documentary films exploring the dreams, daring and determination of Canada’s first immigrants. It is a journey into the hopes and triumphs of those who built a nation, interpreted by Canada’s best independent documentary filmmakers. “A Scattering of Seeds” draws on a rich archive of home movies, photographs, letters home, diaries and oral history. These are personal portraits celebrating the diversity of the first families who arrived during Canada’s formative years of nation building. From the early French, Ukrainian and Irish settlers to the more recent Chinese, Japanese and Sikh immigrants, this kaleidoscope of images and experiences is unparalleled in Canadian filmmaking. By personalizing the stories of immigrants, “A Scattering of Seeds” makes the stranger immediately familiar and the beginnings of this country, a shared experience. It is Canadian history both heroic and haunting, set at the intersection of dreams and disappointment. There is conflict, oppression and the occasional sinking of hearts, yet the resolve and character of these immigrants is what builds a nation and allows it to grow.  At the root of each story is the instinct to contribute something, to leave something, to mark the efforts of a life. Who we were before we became who we are is our lasting legacy and our greatest teacher. In these divisive times it is the hope of our ancestors and their gift of compromise that can overcome cynicism. “A Scattering of Seeds” demonstrates a profound understanding of the sense of community that continues to shape a country still in transition. moral issues surrounding news gathering and newsmaking in the electronic age. Who decides what constitutes the news? How do they decide? How much of what we see and read is fact or fiction? And what about the men and women who report from the field. Are foreign correspondents allowed to tell all that they see? Or is their first loyalty to their employers? Do they merely serve as mouth-pieces for an invisible editorial line? The World is Watching examines these complex issues by focusing on several international journalists in Nicaragua as they cover the negotiations surrounding the Arias Peace Plan in November 1987. With unprecedented access to the inner workings of ABC News, what follows is a unique portrait of a news crew in the field, as it interacts with the editorial process in the newsroom in New York City. The film features ABC TV’s Peter Jennings and John Quiones, as well asNewsweekphotographer Bill Gentile, The Boston Globe’s Randolph Ryan, Paris-based Liberationjournalist Edith Coron and British ITN TV Newscorrespondent Jon Snow.