Illuminating…the timing of the world broadcast premiere couldn’t be more auspicious.” Bill Brownstein

Montreal Gazette

A timely new documentary…should be required viewing in every household.Liz Braun

Toronto Sun

you’ll be exposed to 45 minutes of cutting edge medical and scientific research into PTSDRobert Stephen

The Windsor Square

“offers hope to all types of PTSD sufferers” Elissa Barnard


TV-Length Documentary | COMPLETED


From Hollywood blockbusters to front-page news, the tormented veteran unable to transition from warzone to home-front is everywhere. This focus on the military’s struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) obscures a simple truth: PTSD hits more civilians than soldiers, and more women than men. And it manifests with a dizzying range of symptoms, from flashbacks and nightmares to aggression and depression. Scientists are developing increasingly clear pictures of the brain activity that results in PTSD. But as they search for a sure-fire treatment, they’re still trying to understand a confounding question: When so many people experience the trauma of sudden loss, near-death, or violence, why are some more vulnerable to PTSD than others?

Director Patrick Reed Producers Patrick Reed & Andréa Schmidt
Executive Producer Peter Raymont
Produced in Association with CBC – The Nature of ThingsThe Rogers Documentary Fund