Pet Pharm

A film by Patrick Reed | Canada | English | 42′ / 52′

These days our pets have it all—“pawdicures”, yoga classes, MRIs and… and even Prozac? Seeing the potential of an untapped multi-billion dollar market, Big Pharma has just released a handful of designer psychoactive drugs for dogs and cats, which treat everything from aggression to separation anxiety.  With these commercial successes, more medications is sure to follow. However, is the popularity of these “pooch-me-up drugs” a sign of our heightened compassion, or evidence of an overindulgent society chasing its tail?

Pet Pharm follows a host of North American characters, including a veterinarian pioneering the use of psychiatric drugs in animals, a dog-training expert leading the opposition to these pet drugs, and four families struggling to cope with their own “problem pets.” Finally, Pet Pharm journeys to Japan, the next frontier in puppy Prozac.

Produced by White Pine Pictures in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, with the Participation of The Canadian Television Fund, CTF: License Fee Program, Telefilm Canada: Equity Investment Program, The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, The Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit