Three rich mining executives have shown up at The Edge, a reservation near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  They are hoping to convince not only the residents of The Edge, but also of the nearby “white” town of Rivermount that opening a copper mine would be beneficial to both communities.  While those in power try to sway the vote of their respective residents, the executives set off on a moose hunting trip. They never return.

Now it’s up to the new policeman on The Edge to figure out what happened to them – amongst all of the other crimes, big and small, that keep him busy.

Created by published author, playwright and television scribe, Drew Hayden Taylor, On The Edge is a serialized crime story filled with quirky characters, engaging episodic elements and laughter.

In Development with CBC

Written byDrew Hayden Taylor
Story Editor: Ellen Vanstone
Creative Producer: Karynn Austin
Executive Producer: Peter Raymont