For Emerging Canadian Filmmakers working in the spirit of Lindalee Tracey

About Lindalee

Lindalee Tracey was an award-winning filmmaker, author, entertainer and also a beloved wife and mother. Through her extensive body of work and indefatigable personality, Lindalee brought great joy to the world. She was passionate about bringing issues of social justice into her work, and championed people who are often ignored, underestimated or forgotten. Equally, she celebrated those who rise above disadvantage. Lindalee passed away on October 19, 2006, at age 49, after a five-year battle with breast cancer.

“With every ounce of my love I wish our son, Liam, a lifetime of meaning and prosperity. This century is yours, Liam. Take care of our country and the dreams of poor people. Work diligently for justice and human rights, appreciate what you’ve borrowed and remember that all of us share the commonest root. It is an inheritance to be proud of, not to be ignored.”

Lindalee Tracey from her first book: “On The Edge: A Journey into the Heart of Canada”

Michael Chen’s short drama “Lost” impressed the jury with its stunning cinematography and deeply emotional storytelling, revealing the world of a child struggling with a dysfunctional home life. Chen says he made “Lost” because he “wanted to tell a story that was real, yet hopeful” and “to capture that while not everything will be just or fair or even happy, there will always be a chance for a better tomorrow.

The 10th Annual Lindalee Tracey Award



The Award

The Lindalee Tracey Award is presented annually at the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, held in Toronto each spring. In 2007, the first Lindalee Tracey Award was presented to Trevor Anderson for his film Rock Pockets. After receiving the award, Trevor has gone on to make eight more short films. His short; The High Level Bridge was selected to screen at the Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and over 40 other festivals worldwide, proving the impact the endowment can make. Says Anderson, “The Lindalee Tracey award has helped me to take myself seriously as a professional filmmaker. I had been slogging away on my own in the Prairies and I now feel like I have a community and support within the industry.” Other winners include the short drama Forgotten, by Ayanie Mohamed, which received kudos from fellow Somali-Canadian K’Naan who sent his congratulations from across the globe via email. In 2013, the winners were Rodrigo Barriuso with For Dorian, which went on to participate in over 25 festivals in over 15 countries and received 6 national and international awards, and Antoine Bourges with East Hastings Pharmacy, which debuted at Cinema du Reel Festival in Paris and has screened widely at festivals including the Viennale, the Images Festival, RIDM, and the Kasseler Dokgest. Our 2014 winners included Madeleine Grant with The Backward Class, which went on to win the World Documentary Award at the Whistler Film Festival and the Best Female Directed Film Award at the Alliance for Women Film Journalists, and Matt Johnson with The Dirties, which premiered at Slamdance Film Festival. Johnson’s new film, Operation Avalanche, premieres at this year’s Sundance Film Festival

Last year’s winner was Yosef Baraki with Mina Walking, which won the 2016 Canadian Screen Award for best Canadian feature film under $250,000; and has screened at many film festivals around the world.

The 2016 award winner will be announced at the Hot Docs awards night on Friday, May 6th, 2016. The winner will be awarded $5,000 in cash from the Lindalee Tracey Fund, $5,000 in post-production services from Technicolor and a beautiful hand-blown glass sculpture by Andrew Kuntz, specially commissioned to honour Lindalee.

The Lindalee Tracey Award

For Emerging Canadian Filmmakers working in the spirit of Lindalee Tracey, whose films reflected:

  • a passionate point of view
  • a strong sense of social justice
  • a joie de vivre


To be eligible for the Lindalee Tracey Award, you must be an emerging artist. We define emerging artist as an individual who has less than five years of training or experience in media arts, which can be formal (university or college studies) or informal (production courses, workshops, hands-on experience in production, etc.). The emerging artist must also have completed at least one independent film or video.

School projects will be accepted, as long as the person submitting the film has had full creative control throughout the process.

Submission Process:
Your digital submissions for the award should include ALL of the items mentioned below…

– A write-up of your relevant background as a filmmaker
– A copy of your CV, which should include a history of your filmmaking and/or film production experience and education
– A brief explanation of why you made the film(s)
– A Vimeo or YouTube link and a password, if necessary, for up to two films or TV productions, any length, any genre, completed or as a work-in-progress, which may or may not have been publicly screened or broadcast. The filmmaker must have had final creative control. When submitting more than one film, please indicate which is your primary film (this will be the film you are judged on). Your supporting film will be viewed at the judges’ discretion. 

We are now only accepting digital submissions, which should be forwarded to

We look forward to receiving your submissions. A jury of experienced filmmakers and writers who worked with Lindalee, including last year’s recipient of the Lindalee Tracey Award, will select this year’s winner.

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