Into the Light

A film by Peter Raymont | Canada | English | 46′

Into the Light documents the heroic work of volunteer Canadian ophthalmologists, nurses and medical technicians who travel to the developing world to teach eye surgery and perform miracles.

Working with the non-profit organization, ORBIS, the medics perform sight-saving surgery aboard the NGO’s “flying eye hospital”, a reconfigured DC-10 aircraft.

In addition, the doctors also work in rural eye care clinics and help establish Eye Banks throughout the developing world. Into the Light chronicles the ORBIS mission to Tanzania and Ethiopia in September, 2003.

Produced by White Pine Pictures in association with Life Network, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Health Channel, with the participation of The Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency, the Rogers: Documentary Fund, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

“The documentary is powerful in its depiction of the poor villagers who are helped by the doctors.”

Ottawa Citizen