Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children

Feature Length Documentary | 83’/ 58′

When you’ve been to hell and back, how do you shake the memories?

This question has haunted General Roméo Dallaire since 1994, when he was UN Force Commander during the Rwandan genocide, explored in our award-winning documentary Shake Hands with the Devil.

Dallaire has now found a reason to live: embarking on a mission to end the use of child soldiers.

Will Dallaire succeed where others have failed? Or will he once again be forced to look on as the world turns away?

Shot in DR Congo, Rwanda, and South Sudan, and across North America, our film will engage youth and adults alike, attracted by Dallaire’s magnetic personality.

Director: Patrick Reed
Executive Producers: Peter Raymont & Janice Dawe
Producers: Peter Raymont & Patrick Reed

Produced in association with TVOntario, Knowledge Network, Canal D, documentary channel, Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds through the Theatrical Documentary Program with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, Rogers Documentary Fund and the OMDC Feature Film Fund.

Based in part on the book They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children by Lt. General Roméo Dallaire (Random House)
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“One of those rare things: an adult film in a world of childish portrayals of Africa.”

Ottawa Citizen

“The cause couldn’t be more urgent…The face of the cause couldn’t be more eloquent.”

The Globe and Mail


Chronicle Herald

“Very enjoyable, visually stunning and thoughtful. As in their recent collaboration, “Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould”, Peter Raymont and Michele Hozer investigate a genius and the nature of his genius.”

The Vancouver International Film Festival



CBC Documentary Channel Broadcast
Friday, May 31st, 2019
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Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville, NS
Fundy Film Society
Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
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