The New Ice Age: A Year in the Life of the NHL

Ice Kings. Warriors. Heroes. Dealmakers… Big Business. Bigger Dreams… From the dressing room to the board room, The New Ice Age chronicles hockey’s growing global popularity and a fascinating culture of society, celebrity and power.

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Invisible Nation: Policing The Underground

All industrialized countries today have an “immigration problem,” which divides public opinion on how to deal with the illegals. Invisible Nation is a riveting journey into the cat and mouse world of immigration police and illegal immigrants.

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Hearts Of Hate: The Battle For Young Minds

Hard times have brought simmering racist attitudes to the surface. The Heritage Front, Aryan Nations, Church of The Creator, and the Canadian Chapters of the KKK are recruiting young people to their cause. Hearts of Hate is a frightening wake-up call.

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Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya

Lindalee Tracey never knew her father. As she pieces together the shards of a life almost erased by time and circumstance, Lindalee sees her father most clearly in the tired souls of other destitute men, whom she speaks to with warmth and compassion.

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Chasing The Dream

There are 700 jobs in major league baseball. Many of these jobs will last eight years. There are 7,000 players in organized minor leagues hoping for a chance to unseat the regulars. This is the story of the players who make a grab for that brass ring.

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Voices From The Shadows

Is social assistance a right or a privilege? Is Canada’s welfare system hopelessly inadequate? Hauntingly real, Voices from the Shadows echoes the voices of poor Canadians who ask nothing more than to be treated with fairness and respect.

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